Cookie Policy

A cookie is a tiny text file that many websites, such as ours, use. The file contains information that helps the website to work properly. For example you may have clicked the bar at the bottom of the page to say you accept the use of cookies, this will then place a tiny file on your computer that tells this website that you are happy and lets the site know not to display the warning message any more. Other cookies we use apply only to people who log into the website for administration, so all school staff for example, this cookie makes sure the site knows who you are so that you don't have to log in again every time you move to a new page. Other cookies we would like to tell you about are that from Google Analytics, they do not store any personal data about you, but they do mean that we are able to find things out such as how you came to visit our website, did you follow a link or did you type something into a search engine for example. They can also tell us the type of device and browser that you use, this information helps us to make sure the website design is adequate for most users. Thanks to Google Analytics we are able to see what pages on our site are popular and even where in the world visitors are coming from (did you know, for example, that we get many visitors from India using our phonics homework resources and videos!) If you hate the idea of having websites put cookies onto your computer then you can disable them in the browser security settings, for information on how to disable cookies click here. But remember that in general cookies are very useful and many sites simply wont work without them, in particularly shopping sites.